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There are a million challenges that you must face if you truly desire to eat healthy, this blog is to help give you some easy ideas to plug some fruit and veggies into your det.

Save room for dessert!

Well sometimes I do need to get to work really quick and don’t have time for breakfast.t it

happens sometimes where we can’t have every meal be healthy, but that dosnt mean we still cant try and get some fruit and veggies into our day, even if we have a not so great meal or two during the day. For one  there is always room for desert. A fresh peach, maybe a bowl of sliced strawberries with just a little sugar on top, or a big slice of watermelon, all make for a dessert that remains sweet, and way better for you than a milkshake (strawberry flavored milkshakes don’t count). Other than dessert trying to use a fruit or a vegetable as a afternoon snack is a much more filling and healthy way to hold you over until your next meal.

One on every corner.

Even if you want to eat fresh fruits and veggies, it can be a pain to always have them in the house, they can go bad so fast! On top of that, these healthy foods taste so much better fresh. Well lucky for us we live in an area that has plentiful fresh and local produce,  just in Stanislaus there are nine farmers markets, as well as fruit stands and stores that carry local produce. Realistically of you stopped one of these places instead of Starbucks or MacDonald’s after work you would never run out of produce! You would have to get out of the car though unfortunately.




Best thing is though, that you would probably think that trying to go to all these fancy farmers

markets would be too expensive? Think again, Last week at our own Stanislaus Grown farmers

market I spent 4 dollars to get a small basket of apricots and pluots, about 7 apricots and 5

pluots. That’s 12 servings of fruit, or six delicious breakfasts, and six delicious snacks depending

on how you look at it.

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