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Cotta’s Kitchen

Why We Love Them

Cotta’s Kitchen is a restaurant focusing on homemade family recipes using fresh, seasonal ingredients. “As a child, I spent many days a week at my grandparent’s ranch, running through the almond orchard and riding on the tractor with my Nonu. It was on that very ranch where my love of farm-to-fork ingredients first began. A garden with an array of fruits and vegetables was kept on a small plot of land surrounding their farmhouse. Depending on the season, you could find zucchini, basil, fava beans, peaches, plums and apricots. Being able to plant, pick, prepare and plate this fresh produce was essentially the beginning of my culinary quest.”

Company Details

833 East Main Street
Turlock, CA

Direct Sales: Online sales of packaged almonds, honey, almond toffee and butter.

Local Source: Cotta Family Farms, D. Giovanni’s Farm, Ratto Brothers & Local Farm Stand