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Cream of the crop: Cipponeri Family Farms.

Now that the end of summer is just around the corner, our farmers markets have drawn to a close.As such when any thing comes to an end you want to look back and see what was accomplished, and give thanks to those that made the journey. Cipponeri Farms was one such vendor for us. Cipponeri Family Farms were one of our best vendors week by week at the farmers market, and on top of that they joined us on a fun and grueling farmers market at the fair.

About Cipponeri Family Farms

Cipponeri Family Farms is a family owned and operated business providing delicious fruit to the central valley and bay area in California. For years they have been specializing in there delicious stone fruits. Located in Turlock California, Cipponeri’s is committed to bringing the most fresh and  delicious fruit to the  public as much as possible.they bring this delicious fruit to us with a full time fruit stand on Geer road, and all the farmers markets they attend all the way up to Danville and San Francisco.

At the Market and Fair.

anybody who ever has been to the fair can see just how crazy it is there, lights, animals and people everywhere. That is just visiting the fair, try working it all eleven days. Cipponeri Family Farms was one of the five vendors that toughed through the entire fair with us, committed to bringing something a little bit fresher then a corn dog. Selling Fruit cup sundaes and fresh watermelon juice, along with there normal assortment of fruits and nuts, they were an absolute hit and we were fortunate to have them with us at the fair this year.

Farmers Markets:
Saturdays (year-round): Danville (downtown) 9-1:00pm
Wednesdays/Sundays (year-round): Heart of the City, San Francisco 9am-5pm

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  1. Hello,
    Just tasted your dried fruits and veggies today in SanFran and bought 4 bags. I don’t go to SF often. I cannot find your website and would love to order more. Is there an option to order your dried fruits and veggies online?

    Are you at the Jack London Square Farmer Market? Or any other East Bay farmer market?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi there!

      Thank you for reaching out to us. We are a resource for people like yourself to find farmers like Cipponeri, but you’ll have to contact them directly for an answer to your question. They may or may not sell online somewhere.


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