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The East Stanislaus Resource Conservation District was formed in 1996 and covers 984 square miles east of the San Joaquin River. The East Stanislaus RCD prioritizes local resource conservation concerns and the implementation of planned activities by assisting District cooperators, land users, and land owners by providing technical, financial and administrative assistance, and representation at various workshops, meetings and public hearings. The East Stanislaus RCD has sponsored major state and federal projects that have resulted in significant funding for on-farm improvements.

The East Stanislaus RCD is a non-taxing body created by LAFCO. image001The East Stanislaus RCD is locally driven and managed by a voluntary Board of Directors and a small staff. As a local decision making body, the East Stanislaus RCD directs and coordinates activities of the USDA and other local, state, and federal agencies within the District.

The Eastern Side of Stanislaus County is located in a semi-arid region with hot summers and mild winters. During normal years, rain can be expected from mid-October through April, with an average rainfall of 12-16 inches. There are approximately 295 frost free days each year.

There are over 60 different soil series and 265 soil-mapping units within the East Stanislaus Resource Conservation District. Some of the best soils in the world exist in Stanislaus County and are one of the most important resources in the District. These soils help to produce over 200 agricultural commodities and provide native and naturalized vegetation for grazing and wildlife habitat. (Soil Survey of the Eastern Stanislaus Area, California issued September 1964)

Within the East Stanislaus Resource Conservation District, three major river systems are present. The Tuolumne River and Stanislaus River are major tributaries to the San Joaquin River. These river systems are host to a wide variety of threatened and endangered species including the fall-run Chinook salmon. Irrigation districts include the Modesto Irrigation District, Turlock Irrigation District, Oakdale Irrigation District, Oakdale Irrigation District and the Eastside Irrigation District. The East Stanislaus RCD believes that water is a precious resource that needs to be conserved for all users and future generations.

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