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Meet Your Farmer: Orvis Beef

Orvis Ranch Beef has been located in Farmington California since 1873 Orvis Ranch boasts the oldest commercial Hereford cattle operation in California. The Herefords that are raised for beef are selected by hand from the family’s registered breeding stock. Orvis Ranch raises grass fed beef a method that has been handed down for generations. Using the grass-fed methods means that their diets are not supplemented with any feed or grains. They are grazed on the sprawling Snow Ranch in northern Stanislaus County. They also spend time in Bear Valley in the high Sierra’s. Splitting the cattle’s time between the valley ranchland and the high Sierra’s produces a much stronger more conditioned animal. They also do not use any hormones or antibiotics on their beef cattle. In doing this they are allowing the animal’s natural immune system to protect it from disease. Also the cattle are born and raised on the ranch which means no shipping stress and that keeps them healthier.

Not only does Orvis Ranch produce high quality grass-fed beef they also are known as one of the premier seedstock producers in the Hereford cattle industry. They also raise these cattle on grass and roughage diet. The Orvis Ranch Herefords have won many awards and are known throughout the industry for their quality and consistency in breeding. They sell 80-100 bulls a year to commercial and purebred cattle operations throughout California, Oregon, Nevada and Mexico. The Orvis family is also an avid supporter of Hereford youth programs. Orvis Ranch has been producing high quality cattle for over 100 years so stop by their ranch and purchase some fresh and local time tested beef.

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