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My Mouth Waters for Watermelon

Never get a bad apple

There is no way around it, eating healthy is difficult. It is a challenge that I have been facing myself for the last 7 months (to great effect thanks for asking). I’m writing this blog to talk about a mistake a made while trying to eat healthier, and it’s a mistake I feel many others have made as well. This mistake was trying to force veggies into my meals.

Often time’s people seem to think that the easiest way to make some of your meals a little more heart friendly is to just start trading some of your usual sides out for fruits and veggies. While the idea is good, I know that I struggled hard with this when I started. For me, at first, I would say “Oh ok, cool, it’s pretty easy to exchange potato chips for salad right?” So I tried to start buying bag salad as way to get healthier side dishes in my lunches. This salad was good for just a couple of days before it would start going brown. In an effort to make it easier to finish before it went bad, I would lather it in unhealthy dressing. Or even worse, I would just walk and grab the Doritos instead. Eating healthy is challenging enough as it is, buying yourself foods that you feel forced to eat only makes things harder on yourself.

Never get a bad apple

Ok so buying things in a bag is really easy though, you know exactly what’s in it and its going to taste exactly the same as the last one. Trying to buy fresh produce, doesn’t always end up like that. It’s happened to everyone, maybe you bought a bad apple, or took a bite into a nectarine that was just not ripe at all.  Produce is without a doubt one of the most variable things you can buy at a store. If only there was some way you could talk to the people who actually grew the product, and get input from the grower on what fruit is going to be of the absolute highest quality. Well there is a way, 9 of them in Stanislaus County as a matter of fact that all offer the chance to meet the growers that know exactly which ones are the best from their fields, and they only bring that best to the market.

People often say eating healthy can be delicious. Man it’s a cliché, but I believe it. I believe it so much that I think if you don’t enjoy eating healthy, you will never do it. I also know that no matter what, healthy eating will never be anywhere near as delicious as eating cheesecake. My mouth waters for watermelon, however, and I can eat watermelon while looking great on the beach.

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