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Why buy local?

Why buy local? For the freshness and quality which seems like a no brainer right? When you buy local produce you are not only stimulating the local farming community you are stimulating the local economy. In addition to economic support you are ensuring a level of food security you can’t get a grocery store. Food security has become a large concern for consumers but it can be a challenge as more foods have a wider distribution area. This can cause your products to lose some of the crispness and to have a shorter life.  By purchasing your fruits and vegetables at local farmers markets you are removing the distribution aspect from your food. Many of the products you see for sale at farmer’s markets are often picked 24 hours before being sold. This allows you to enjoy a fresher product with better flavor that will last longer. Another advantage to farmer’s markets is you get to meet the farmer who grew the produce. This allows the customer to get a better understanding of what kind of farming operation the producer has if they used pesticides or herbicides and if their farm is generational.Farmer’s markets are the best way to support local agriculture and obtain a quality product. So don’t forget to come visit the Stanislaus Grown certified Farmer’s Market so you can pick up your own fresh and locally grown products!

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