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About The Farm

Since 1905, Ratto Bros. has been owned and operated in the family tradition started by Antone L. Ratto. Antone grew his own vegetables and personally delivered his vegetables to his customers in a horse-drawn cart. One hundred years and several generations later, the Ratto Family still grown their own vegetables and cultivates personal relationships with each of their customers. Come to our site and find out how a family business has grown to meet and exceed the demands of our corporate customers while retaining the traditional values of hard work, high quality products and lasting relationships. Products include a variety of greens, lettuces, herbs, specialty crops and watermelon.

Farm Details

6312 Beckwith Road
Modesto, CA

Direct Sales: Grower and Shipper

Restaurants: Many of our local restaurants source from Ratto Bros for their greens, lettuce, etc