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Our Mission is to promote local agricultural products and the heritage of Stanislaus County through the use of a cohesive and recognizable local brand supported with a marketing and education campaign.

Stanislaus Grown is made up of members that grow, produce, package, source from or generally support our local agriculture industry.  The program was started with the help of a FMPP grant to the East Stanislaus Resource Conservation District to provide more direct-to-consumer opportunities for producers and increase consumer purchases of Stanislaus County products.

In order to build a network, bridges of information must be presented between producers and consumers so that everyone has access to fresh, healthy and locally produced food – from “farm to table”.  As part of the program ESRCD will be providing: a printed directory of our local foods with information on why local and the benefits to individuals and the community, a website with directory and map of food and farms with recipes, nutrition and news, an exclusively Stanislaus Grown Certified Farmer’s Market and various supporting materials to endorse the Stanislaus Grown brand for the public.